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he came to my party 10 days ago and we were aquaintences.. then we talked and stuff and he got drunk and threw up in my house, i kinda hated him. lol.. but him n 4 other friends stayed to sleepover and in the morning he was really nice, mopped the house so i forgave him for puking. ANYWAY back to the story all 7 of us went to the pool (after they sleptover) and we talked a LOT, so this weekend my friend (who i've known for while coz our families meet) who is friends with him had a sleepover and we became even better friends. i told him about SA on the phone and he was cool with it, he also had similar problems..
this sunday i had a breakdance meeting n i told him to come and he came n joined the team too and we talked so freely, it was awesome like i've known him for years.. :)
it lifts my mood during the bad times knowin there's some1 there to share everything with.. woohooooo... :popcorn .. oh we're just friends and planning to keep it that way.
my life is finally becoming more like what i've been trying to make it into !
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