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Personally, having had read Sylvia Browne books for a little over 4 years now - has really helped get me through these horrible times. This takes a more spiritual (NOT religious) side to why things happen to good people and why we should "tough things out".

Plus, her writing is just really humourous and uplifting. The books that I recommend are:

Sylvia Browne - Lessons For Life. (This is an 8 week program, which I am starting. It is supposed to help alleviate unecessary anxiety and stress and over all discomfort about your life).

Sylvia Browne - Life on the Other Side (It's just good.... )

Sylvia Browne - The Other Side and Back (Like the above one.. great too)

Sylvia Browne - Jouney of the Soul #3 - The Soul's Perfection (I HIGHLY recommend this 3 book series! This really answers a lot of MY questions)

Sylvia Browne - A Journal of Healing: Trancending Grief (I haven't read/ or done this.. but it looks applicable to our situations)

Sylvia Browne - Conversations with the Other Side (It's great)

Sylvia Browne - Blessings From the Other Side (This was the FIRST ever SB book I read. It talks about how fears and phobias have to do with cell memory, from our previous lives, etc.. and she gives documented evidence about her experiences with her patients and cell memory/past life and ph obias/fears.. and anxieties)

Sylvia Browne - Journey of the Soul #1 - God, Creation and Tools for Life (The 1st of the 3 book series.. I've read this quite a few times)

Sylvia Browne - Journey of the Soul #2 - The Nature of Good and Evil (the 2nd of the 3 book series)

Sylvia Browne - Past Lives, Future Healing (I recommend this!)


I hope these books will help you as much as they have helped me. In fact, she has convinced me not to commit suicide (not that I ever REALLy believed in doing it..) But because of these books, it's NEVER even an option- no matter how bad my life has been or will be, etc.

Right now I am reading "Secrets & Mysteries of the World" - fantastic! Enjoy!

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glittergaze said:
:agree I've only read 3 of her books so far, but I totally love her! She really makes you think (in a good way), doesn't she?
Definitely! With her "theories" (and I know she wouldn't MIND me calling them theories - even though I believe them to be true) I believe I have G.A.D/Depression for a reason.

We all must be very tough souls, eh?
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