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I suffered a break down two months ago and was in hospital however I am back out now but there are so many issues I have to deal with that it appears impossible to deal with. The psychiatrist will only see me once every six-to-eight weeks and there is a three month waiting list for Psychology, so I am pretty much on my own for now. There is no one I can talk to about any of this in terms of family or friends.

My condition is such that I am housebound, I am to anxious to walk down the street, unless I sedate myself with 15mg of Diazepam. The mental services cannot come and speak to me in my home because my parents don't want anything to do with the whole thing they say that problems like these are too close to home.

I have tried explaining that their support would be helpful but they just say what more support can we give you than the freedom to go to the doctors yourself?

So I spend all day in my room I will usually drink and take prescription medication to make myself doze through the day (no where near enough medication to kill myself though). Anyway, the Psychiatrist has explained she is not a crisis team member, the Crisis Team have said I am not suicidal and therefore I don't qualify for their help, and the waiting list for Psychology is three months. (UK NHS)

So I bought lots of self-help books, CDs, etc. but I just don't know where to begin?
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