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I keep on having thoughts that a schizophrenic man will come over to my house at 3pm this afternoon. I believe that I can telepathically communicate with schizophrenics, and that they are after me and will appear at my school with guns, at my house, and anywhere else that I am. The universe is built for them to follow me. I was just hiding behind my bedroom curtain waiting to take him on before he tries and shoots me. I thought my neighbour outside my window was talking badly about me too, and that he was gonna shoot me.

My mother thinks I am crazy.
I am 17 by the way, and just been diagnosed with BPD.

There is no real mental illness in my family, apart from my father and uncles all having PTSD. I also have epilepsy.

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Borderline, supposedly.
I've only visited a psychiatrist once, and I have gotten much worse.
He costed a lot of money.
Have you followed a treatment? Are you taking medication every day? Have you tried therapy? BPD is a serious condition. You probably have delusions(as you've said) and paranoia, which are also making you very anxious(in those episodes) to the point of panic attacks.

From what I've read, dialectical behaviour therapy is the best for BPD. Linehan is like a guru in that field. Here is a link to dbtselfhelp, a site that may help a bit. You can start doing a bit of research on exactly what's up with this disorder, how you can help yourself, some exercises and techniques. This could be your starting point:

Another site:

Case you are experiencing depersonalization/derealization or self harm you can try to learn some grounding techniques:

Maybe this one will help as well:

Take care, Gracie!:hug
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