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I don't know if this is the best place to post it, but...

I saw the girl I have been writing about on this message board, and we talked for a few minutes. Pretty general topics about work and where we were. I even made a joke about how at the end of our jobs she is going to look like me because she works outside. And it wasn't a conversation where I was asking all the questions. And it wasn't a conversation that was forced, it flowed naturally.

She still couldn't bring herself to sit next to me, but I will take this evening as a minor victory.

I sort of wish that the conversation hadn't flowed so freely, because the fact that we were able to get along so well after only a week passing since that drama means that I am probably at some point going to start liking her again. Oh well, I am just glad I am not nervous anymore.

*Note: ^^I was wrong. ... hp?t=32558

But I still think a lot of the people in the group don't really like me. When I start getting invited to stuff that the whole group hasn't been invited to, I'll believe they like me.
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