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I got my License!

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After two failed attempts I finally got it. It makes me nervous though because I'll always have to drive myself. But I can use it as exposure then too.
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Congratulations Catching Fire :D

Hopefully once you've been driving for a while and get a feel for driving you'll become a really confident driver. After a while you start to feel the car is an extension of you and you also pick up a sort of sixth sense in what other drivers are going to do before they do it and driving becomes like breathing. I can honestly say that when i'm driving in my car (sounds like a Madness song :b ) i'm at my most confident, and I hope you'll be the same.
Congrats Catching Fire! I failed my first attempt on the road test. That's great that you already see benefits in using driving to help you against your SA.
Woo hoo!
That's awesome. I flunked my driver's test twice as a kid due to anxiety and passed the third time. Having your license is great! Enjoy it, its so freeing once you know how to drive and don't have to rely on others for a ride!
congrats having a license is pretty darn cool itll become 2nd nature b4 u know it
Congratulations! :boogie
This is something I really need to do, I've been putting it off for years, Congrats on being free
Congratulations :boogie :boogie :boogie
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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