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My social anxiety has prevented me from all types of dating/intimacy. the farther I've gotten is hugging. Every time a guy likes me, or asks me out....I kind of end up brushing him off and then avoiding him.

I've been friends with this guy for 3 years. The closest I've ever been to anyone, he knows more about me/understands me more than anyone. He once told me in an email that he liked me and well...I just kind of didn't respond to it...and neither of us have ever mentioned it again or talked about it.

I think about him constantly and am completely infatuated with him but can't seen to do anything about it! My anxiety is at its worse when I'm around him...but for the first time I'm actually not avoiding him. I actually call him and can initiate conversation with him (he used to point out that he was always the one to initiate conversation).

Still...when we are together I physically cannot bring myself to tell him anything about how I feel even though I already know he still feels the same way. I don't even know if he wants a sexual relationship...and I'm too afraid to ask.

Everytime I convince myself to act on my feelings, I find some little flaw as to why he does not meet my "impossibly high standards".

What the hell is this?! I've never been closer to anyone or had a more meaningful relationship...yet I experience the worst anxiety around him. I don't want to eat in front him, get up to use the restroom, talk on the phone in front of him.

Some please explain this to me! Can anyone relate?!

Also sorry this post is so long...

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Maybe the reason you feel anxious around him is because he means so much to you. Perhaps you should attempt to tell him how you feel, myabe it'll lift that weight off your chest.

I really wish i could offer you more advice, but i haven't had much experience.
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