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The other day we had a composer come to our music class and he did a workshop about composing music and wasn't bad. Anyway, he was talking about a popular composer who writes music for movies (I don't remember his name!) and he said he has agoraphobia. I found that pretty interesting and kind of inspiring, that a composer who writes music for huge motion pictures (I wish I could remember which ones...) is agoraphic.

Also, John Williams, who did music for Star Wars and Harry Potter, apparently has really bad social skills. The guy said he would never be able to walk into a class full of students and talk to them. He also said that he can't talk to someone or introduce himself if he hasn't known him for a while. (he told us that when John Williams and George Lucas first met, they just sat there in room for a couple hours until one of them first said something..) It sounds like he could have SA.

I think it's pretty cool that composers, or anyone, can still achieve great things do what they want despite their mental illnesses or disorders holding them back and you can still do want you want in life.

Anyone else know any stories like this??
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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