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I have moderate SA. Certain situations get to me more than others.

Here's my scores on some general SA fears--- 1 being able to handle it 10 being scared completely of it

Public Speaking - 10
Calling a stranger on the phone - 5
Someone calling me with a work related question - 2
Dancing - 9
Making appointments over the phone: 4
Paying for things at the check-out line: 3
Dentist, Doctor, etc - 7
Small talk - 8
Answer a stranger's question - 1

So I have found my happy mix for my biggest SA fear, Public Speaking.

40 MG PROPRANOLOL 45 minutes before the presentation
1.5 MG LORAZEPAM 15 minutes before the presentation

Having some THC in my system from the night before has an overall calming affect on me also.

Also.... NO CAFFEINE!!! I found that the Caffiene can make the Lorazepam ineffective.

Anyway, this mix works for me, and I'm able to give a presentation without looking like a shaking, sweating, shuddering, idiot.


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yeas a beta blocker and a benzo help many of us a lot, they helped me, carry a few tablets when out and disolve under the tongue for any nasty surprises:roll

remember to relax and breathe deep and slow when stressed, this helps a lot too

a safe small talk subject is the weather, it offends no one:yes

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Caffeine avoidance helped me too. Another contributor to anxiety is the high calcium / low magnesium diet. Dairy for example has tons of calcium and very little magnesium; I avoid all dairy whenever possible now. The idea of dairy as a "food group" is crap, there are many other ways to get the nutrients in dairy, without the excess calcium. Humans have been evolving for millions of years, and did fine before we assumed the role of calves.
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