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Throughout my schooling life, i have rarely participated to ask questions in front of my class, even if there is about 15-25 people.
When i do, i get so nervous and it is very obvious to others with my trembling voice and i feel so humiliated and ashamed afterwards.

For the past 2 weeks, i have managed to ask questions quiete comfortably and with great confidence at uni in front of 60-75 classmates which i never thought would have been able to do in my life! Participation marks are counted in this subject. I feel a great sense of achievement and hopefully i will be able to do it without the meds later on.

I only wished i had seek medical treatment from a doctor sooner where my anxiety has escalated for the past months. Now i feel like i wanna be exposed to more social situations so that i can improve my self-esteem and live my life as a normal human being!
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