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I said 'friends' in the title, at this point they probably aren't.

Up until about 17 I had not had a single friend. I never bothered to talking to anyone socially, so no one got to know me. I didn't do anything normal kids do, such as go to birthday parties, hang out, see movies. I never used my phone. For the past two years I've attempted to make friends, and although they seem to like me, I don't talk to them. Most people my age are on their phone constantly, sending and receiving texts. I only use mine to play a motorbike game.

Problem is I'm so used to loneliness I just don't reach out to people, and to do so gives me a large amount of stress. I tend to waste the battery on my phone until it's out of charge and then I just leave it somewhere, just so I can't be contacted. I can't stand being talked to via text, or especially invited anywhere.

I don't have the fundamental desire to get to know people either. I never bother calling or texting my so called 'friends' because I prefer to avoid socialising until I'm forced to. I can't relate to anyone my age either which doesn't help, seen as though they're used to having friends and all that.

I even met someone who seemed quite a lot like me. You'd think we'd develop a strong connection, but no, I completely ignore them as well. It's like I don't know how to socialise so I just don't bother, I'd rather avoid everyone. This problem is really making me depressed and I don't know what to do.
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