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So this army recruiter dude called, and he had already called like 4-5 months back. I just got irritated that he was bugging me again and gave some lame (but somewhat honest) answers to his questions.

Him: I see you are enrolled at college. What are you studying?
Me: I'm a psych major.
Him: So what are you interested in doing in psychology?
Me: Nothing. I'm just going because i have nothing better to do (i'm really going for personal growth reasons).
Him: *laughs at me* All that time and effort just because you have nothing better to do?
Me: I don't care.
Him: *laughs some more*
Me: I really don't know anyone who would be interested in joining the army (i should have just stopped at "anyone" to be more honest LOLz).
Him: Well have you ever learned about benefits/opportunities of doing so?
Me: I wouldn't be able to function in that environment. I'd just spaz out.
Him: Well.... have a nice day and good luck w/school.
Me: Thank you, bye.

Haha. I don't even care what he thinks. I'm going to start being more honest/open, and if ppl want to look down on me it's their problem.

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God, those turds will ****ing hound you. "Join our campaign of mindless drones!!" Kudos on being a psych major as well, I'm in the same position. I want to improve myself and make sure no one has to go through what I do.
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