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if its one thing I cannot tolerate its delusional people. online or offline.

today I was driving my brother to work. when I got to the road where I drop him off I had to make a right turn but the road was blocked off by police so the only other way for me to go was LEFT.

I turned left and seen there was construction guys down the road and one was holding a sign to direct traffic. this was the only road I could go down and the guy was holding a slow sign, so hes telling me to go slow. so I dont make eye contact to people that stare at me so I drove past him and as I do I hear him yell HEY!!!! I stop and I see infront of me there are small cones blocking off the road.

I back up and roll down the window and he says very loudly ROADS CLOSED. I just said so I turn left over here? and he walked away.

I backed up into a small driveway (it wasnt a road, it led to a giant building 10 feet away) and I turned around and left.

I was embarassed.

but the thing is... HOW are both of these roads CLOSED? how was I even allowed to turn left if the road is closed down the ****ing road?

why was this guy holding a SLOW down sign instead of flipping it to STOP.

after I dropped my brother off I was deciding if I should go back and ask him why would you yell at me when you were holding a slow sign and not a stop sign. Where am I supposed to go if both of these roads are blocked off?

I really wanted to and my S/A is really horrible. This is something I couldnt imagine myself doing in a million years but when If someone really acts like im the stupid one and gets angry at me for something delusional then that just sets me off.

I decided to not go because I couldnt decide if he really was upset with me or not. but im sure he was and im sure he insulted me to 2 of the guys he was standing with.
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