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For quite some time I have not been able to make phone calls due to SA. I cant even call close friends, if they didnt know about my phone anxiety I wouldnt even have friends I bet.

Well I recently went to a new pdoc and I have been on Celexa and Xanax for 2 months.

In the past couple of weeks I have been able to call my close friends and I have even made a new friend whom I am starting a band with.

This has really been a miracle for me because I cant even remember the last time I called someone to hang out. It has literally been years.

I actually called someone up today and we made plans to hang out tomorrow. I do have to use the Xanax to be comfortable enough to call but if thats what it takes then its fine by me.

I am still very anxious about calling people but I figure if I do enough of this "exposure" therapy then maybe I wont be so afraid to make calls. One of my biggest worries now is that I will eventually grow tolerant to my current meds like I did with Klonopin but I guess ill cross that bridge when I get to it.
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