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I am inside
it is loud and intense
I am within
this storm sad and immense
Am I alive?
without a sense of direction?
Maybe dead,
reaching inside section by section?
I am here
there is nobody else
I am alone
without question or common sense
Is this a dream?
the sameness pushing and repeating?
Maybe the reason,
for heartbeats and thoughts receding?
I am done
nothing left to say
I am content
to cry apathetic in the rain
I was wrong
to believe in anything

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He-he-he, or Hea-hea-hea.
Which sounds better?
Mind reeling with anticipation.
A heart rate steady at a million beats per second.
My eyes stare at the texture of the ceiling.
Seeing Dizzy colors in a kaleidoscope.
Turmoil from mixed up thoughts.
One not ending before the next begins.
Racing from here to there and back again.
Before I knew they were gone or where they been.
Hea-hea-hea, that sounds better.
She didn't see me coming.
Misleading remarks.
Without thought.
Without reason, without time.
Sharp, quick and mindless.
People I know put up with me
Because my heart is light.
"This is Paul, he's an artist"
So deep and modest.
This is Paul; he's my love and my life.
My friend Paul.

I shouldn't have done it.
Getting her worked up and giddy.
Did she see through my disguise?
Wade through the hype.
Save herself from retched demise.
Her sweet ugliness, a package un-returnable.
Sufferable reality and eternity in one so unattractive.
Which one sounds better?
He- he-he, or Hea-hea-hea.
My eyes closed, is it time for bed?
Hea-hea-hea sounds better.
She looked twice, she didn't know.
She couldn't have seen.
That I had one on.
No, Hea-hea-hea.
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