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Since google is un-cooperative and I'm still waiting on reddit, I shall ask you SAS with a copy-paste of what I asked reddit:

It seems my door handle no longer causes the...metal bit that goes into the hole in the doorframe to move. So I'm stuck in here. I have a set of small screwdrivers that I tried to use to unscrew the door handle mechanism from the inside, but

A) They are the wrong size and B) I believe the screws have rusted into their...screw..holes and won't move anyway.

The heaviest thing I have in here is an approximately 1 metre long maglite torch (flashlight) with which I have tried breaking down the (wooden) door, but it turns out this strategy does not work quite like it does in The Shining - perhaps my door is just very well made.
This is a second story room with tiny opening windows and a long drop onto concrete, so that is not an option. Nor is there a phone in here.

I will be trapped in here for hours unless I can find a way out, perhaps someone can come up with something I'm just not thinking of.
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