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So it's like 3.23 in the morning and I can't sleep. I have had a few drinks and I just know I am going to be as miserable as hell in the morning. For now though I am so happy.

The main reason is I done really well in a graduation for college.

But also, I met the most amazing girl. She is gorgeous she is so funny. She suffers from some issues of her own but I love her to bits already, and.....

I don't want anything more with her than just friends :D.

For once, I am not getting carried away, letting my emotions rule my head.

This girl is super amazing and I just know that by developing our friendship as a close one she is guaranteed to be someone I can keep in my life and not screw up with. Just speaking to her at this stupid time is putting a mahoosive smile on my face she is a sweetheart and I have no real risk of losing her like this ^_^. I am really happy to gain such a lovely person.
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