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I am sick of carrying coworkers weight

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I am sick of doing other coworkers work due to them procrastinating. I work in a three man department consisting of my supervisor, me, and a lady I share an office with. She has been procrastinating getting these monthly reports done. She use to have the excuse she didn't have all the data to do them. But now she has all the data. They have to be done in June because they have to be billed to medicaid in June. So yesterday she is sitting at her desk talking to her sister and then working on her luminary for the cancer walk this weekend. I ended up working on the reports, because the Psychiatrist is one of the people to sign off on them and he is only here on Tuesday. Tuesday is the 30th so I have to voucher them for that day so it is in June. If they don't get done the associate director will come down to our office to lecture us and I hate getting harassed.
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So I got the reports done this morning. She has the nerve to criticize how I did them. I just told her to correct them to her satisfaction. Then she got all snotty about what I said. She is going through the change of life right now. She is driving me crazy. I am glad it is Friday.
Speaking from a management's point of view, I would start documenting any extra duties you are doing and also document what she is doing while you are doing the extra duties. Do this for a week or two and than take the documentation to your supervisor. Be sure to note the date and times.
My supervisor know what is going on. He doesn't want to rock the boat. He has always been like this. All they will say that I am lucky that I have a job. There are no other good jobs around here. Most are seasonal jobs, working in retail, working in a saw mill, or being a lumberjack.
So your supervisor doesn't care that she's abusing company time by attending to personal matters?

Maybe the associate director does. I'm not trying to imply that you should try to get her in trouble, but you should note this fact to her.
The associate director probably doesn't care in this case because she was doing something for the cancer relay thing the agency sponsors. I just hate those women and that cancer relay. I don't mind raising money for a worthy charity, but they turn it into a full time job starting in May every year. They spend their time setting up bake sales, silent auctions, sending all the staff tons of emails regarding it during working hours. So they let their work pile up. Since I work in the same dept as my office mate that means I have to take up the slack. Sorry to say working with a building full of women in their 50's suck.
And that's not even counting when they are talking about personal and physical issues.
The gal I share my office with is a hypochondriac. She always has numerous health problems that she has to talk with me about constantly. She is always going to doctors appointments. Also, I have to listen how she goes on how great her loser son is. He is just a lazy bum and she made him that way.

With me, I go to work, do my job, and want to go home - I mean I am friendly, but I don't agree with all the wasting time and over-sharing and stuff.
Tell me about it. I also just want to do my job and after 8 hours get out of there. I am friendly with people, but I just don't want to converse with them about everything all day.
So, I am wondering if a sign outside my cubicle that reads - I'm not Deaf, But I Wish I Were, It's Too Hard to Ignore You - would be to obvious lol.

Finally my office mate got the stupid forms done. I am glad that is out of the way.
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