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I am sick of carrying coworkers weight

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I am sick of doing other coworkers work due to them procrastinating. I work in a three man department consisting of my supervisor, me, and a lady I share an office with. She has been procrastinating getting these monthly reports done. She use to have the excuse she didn't have all the data to do them. But now she has all the data. They have to be done in June because they have to be billed to medicaid in June. So yesterday she is sitting at her desk talking to her sister and then working on her luminary for the cancer walk this weekend. I ended up working on the reports, because the Psychiatrist is one of the people to sign off on them and he is only here on Tuesday. Tuesday is the 30th so I have to voucher them for that day so it is in June. If they don't get done the associate director will come down to our office to lecture us and I hate getting harassed.
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Wow, and I thought working in an office full of 30-40 something women sucks. AND... I am a woman. I have never worked in an office with other people before - it's always just been me. But, in this - my new job - when I am working and they start talking about boyfriends, husbands, kids, and what they are and aren't doing and when they are doing it and how and where and they start going on and on (When we are supposed to be working)... it drives me nuts. And that's not even counting when they are talking about personal and physical issues. I really miss working in an office by myself. Then the supervisor comes in and yells at all of us because we aren't getting stuff done and I just wanna scream that I HAVE been working. I don't know how long I can stay at this job... they talk about each other behind each others back and are always trying to one up each other with the supervisor. I guess I just don't have experience with office politics. With me, I go to work, do my job, and want to go home - I mean I am friendly, but I don't agree with all the wasting time and over-sharing and stuff. I guess I am not normal when it comes to that - seemingly if the norm is what they are doing. Thanks for listening.

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So, I am wondering if a sign outside my cubicle that reads - I'm not Deaf, But I Wish I Were, It's Too Hard to Ignore You - would be to obvious lol.
Kool - today our Supervisor came in and told everyone that they had to stop talking, no more gossiping or talking about personal problems or talking over cubicle walls... that if we had something to say to each other to get off our butts and walk around the darned wall and speak in a quiet tone and that it better be work related if we were on the clock... that it was hard for us billers to concentrate with all the distractions.

I just wanted to get up and do the happy dance... I don't even care that they are irritated that they have to be quiet for us. I am just happy they have to shut up.... I know, that is mean, but it is real hard to process medical claims and stay focused and get it all right when you are having to listen to the most inane garbage anyone could ever even think to talk about.:clap:boogie
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