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I was trying to reach the bottom of this, and apparently we have hyperactive Amygdalae.

According to wikipedia:

I've seen on a different website an fMRI of normal amygdalae compared with the hyperactive amygdalae of a person suffering from SA. So I've been thinking what if we could make our amygdalae calm the **** down?

That's when I found this article:

Oxytocin nasal spray, anyone?
this is true but an overactive amygdala is aneffect not the cause

an overactive amygdala does not casue sa but sa causes an overactive amygala

it all comes down to beleifs. sa suferers percieve a social event as threatening cos they filter the event through their beleifs, this then triggers the amygdala

to fix an over active amygdala you must fixyour perception and to fix your perception you must fix your beleifs
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