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I got this paper from a psychologist: 77 ideas for self-nurturing, or How to Treat Myself as Someone I Respect.

Here are 25 of them (77 is a lot of work to type):
1. Listen to my favourite music
2. Enjoy a long, warm bubble bath
3. Go for a walk
4. Tell myself the loving words I want to hear from others.
5. Pat an animal
6. Practice diaphragmatic breathing
7. Watch the sunrise/set
8. Attend a caring support
9. Reflect on my positive qualities: "I am..."
10. Write in a journal
11. Play an instrument
12. Attend a favourite athletic event
13. Make myself a nutritious meal
14. Work in your garden
15. Sing
16. Draw a picture
17. Relax outside
18. Reward myself with a special gift I can afford
19. Practice the art of forgiveness
20. Read positive, motivational literature
21. Exercise
22. Imagine myself achieving my goals and dreams
23. Relax in a whirlpool/sauna
24. Enjoy the beauty of nature
25. Star gaze
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