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since walking up to people on street and saying "lets be friends! :D" is pretty much ultra hard

we must use
toastmasters,, clubs for hobbies and interests, classes and courses

its the only way!!

and when you feel the fear to do these things, you go "chhhhaaaarrrgggee!!!" and go do it anyway, ignoring any beliefs or feelings.

then when you get there, your in a constant fight with your feelings and beliefs that are feeling judgement. ah yes, tis a glorious fight!! your only objective is to silence those lying beliefs with the phrase "Why so serious??"

and seek out the friendliness in others
and all you gotta talk about is the meetup's theme. like if its toastmasters you can talk about doing speeches and the difficulties involved

then at the end of the day whne you get home, you declare victory! cause the only thing necessary for it to be a victory was that you went out and tried.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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