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i am planning to leave a few forums, because i feel that i am not a productive person on them. on tech forums, i try to contribute, but it is clear i am not of sufficient expertise to help other users with questions.

on gaming forums, many of my issues i have with games go unanswered or my posts make it seem like i have not actually spent time playing or "spoil" it for others that are not at that particular moment, yet.

so i would like to know how to leave forums without having to resort to a perma ban. i mean, i can close email accounts and social sites, but i have never attempted leaving forums before. i want to be able to leave them, and ask them to remove my crappy posts because it is making me look like an idiot when trying to help others there, and its making me feel worse about myself.

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Open new email account
Change forum email account to that email account
Change password on the new email account using microsoft word copy and paste a random password
You will never access this email again
Go on forum, change password using the random password method

You will never enter this forum again. If you click on forgot password, new password will be emailed to the new email account, which you also cannot access

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