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this is a tutorial about how to get on irc. irc is a chat place, like msn or aim or icq, except you talk with a group of people at once (though you can also send private messages and transfer files). i'm hoping maybe we can get a bunch of sas people on there to hang out and chat. i realize there is chat on sas, but irc is a little more open-ended and easier to leave on all the time, like a messenger :) plus irc is more or less unmoderated... which has it's good and bad side :p as well, once you're on irc you can join other chats, it's a good place to make online friends.

first of all, for those of you that know what you're doing, here are a couple links:

irc faq
the most popular irc program (mirc)
alternative irc program (bersirc)
channel link (#social-anxiety on efnet)

to get on, simply download and install mIRC and then click this link. if you aren't sure what you're doing, here is a step by step explanation of how to set it up:

1. Download the latest version of mIRC and run it, following the installation instructions. You can leave all of the default options and just click next/yes/install/finish.
2. After installation is complete, click Start -> All Programs -> mIRC -> mIRC. You will see the "mIRC Options" window.
3. In the "Full Name" field, you can put anything you want, it doesn't matter (feel free to lie).
4. In the "Email Address" field, again, you can put anything you want, but it must follow the proper email format (again, feel free to lie).
5. In the "Nickname" field, put the name that you wish to appear to everyone as.
6. In the "Alternative" field, put a second nickname choice, to use in the event that your main nickname is already in use by someone else.

at this point you can just click ok and use the link above to connect. or if you want to do it yourself, carry on:

7. In the "Category" list, under "Connect" choose "Servers".
8. Drop down the "IRC Network" box and select "EFnet".
9. Click the "Connect To Server" button.
10. A window will pop up that says "mIRC Favorites". Close it by clicking the "OK" button.
11. In the "Status" window, type the following: /j #social-anxiety
12. You're in! Say hello!

If the above failed, and you couldn't connect, it's likely that the server mIRC tried to connect to did not allow you in. EFnet is comprised of a large number of servers. You can sit and wait, and mIRC should automatically try some others... Or, you can click the "Tools -> Options" menu item, and under the "IRC Server" dropdown you can manually select a server. Choose one, then click the "Connect To Server" button. Depending on your luck, you may have to try a few!

also, if you get a message about your nickname being taken, you can choose another in the options and reconnect, or if you are already connected you can try this command:

/nick mynewnickname

if you have any troubles with any of this, post here and i'll try to help!

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The one time I tried IRC I ended up getting a trojan without realizing it (no one sent me anything). What can I do to prevent this sort of thing? I have a firewall and an updated anti-virus, plus I have Adaware.
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