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I've noticed some people seem to be able to find and drag old posts back up to the top. What I wanna know is how they're finding these old posts. In my settings here I have it set to show all posts, yet when I go all the way back to the last page it doesn't bring up any real old stuff, just stuff from a few months ago (and like 1 or 2 posts marked 1969 for date...obviously a bug lol). Even using the search I can't seem to find the really old posts though I can see a bit more further back that way.

I just wanna know how to view old posts...I promise not to bring them back to the top! I'm mostly interested in reading my own, especially from 2005/2006 and the board doesn't show me them even when I go to my profile, on the last page of my posts the oldest is from 2007.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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