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I use to condemn, criticize, hate, angry, and mad at people who I think treat me unfairly. I want people to see my point of view. I want people to be on my side. I want people to like me. I want people to support me. But do you think all that hating, fear, anger, and negativity get the other person to be on my side? NEVER. Negativity only makes other people hate me even more.

I find that showing people love, kindness, calmness, caring, and positive attitude usualy help me get the other person on my side. And even if somebody really hurt me, what the point of even getting angry? Am I going to hurt that person back? No way, me getting angry only make that person justify him/herself for hating me. When was the last time somebody did something nice to you or did good things to you when you hate them, curse at them, or yelled at them? They would even hate you and resent you even more. Your point is to get the other person to be on your side. And you can't do that by hating. You can only get the other person on your side by treating them friendly with respect, love, kindness, patient, and all that is positive.

And when people are on your side, they will listen to you more, support you more, encourage you, be your friend. Than now, if you want to hurt them, you can hurt them more painfully they you could have hurt them before. And remember hurting somebody will only come back to you 100 times worse.

So remember, the next time you hate, fear, or have anxiety about someone, thinking they are not a good, mean, rude person. Don't hate, codemn, or criticize them. That only make them justify themself to be hateful and rude. What do you really want? Do you just want to get a long and show them you're a good honest person? Try to show them you're a good honest person and get them to be on your side.

Would you rather want people to be on your side or against you?

Why argue? Why hate? Why get angry? Why have fear? Because you just want other people to understand you, support you, and be on your side? Well the only way to get people on your side is by showing love, kindness, friendlyness, and positive traits of life.

Remember get the other person to be on your side.

There is a book called "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.

I hope this help.
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