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I have loads to do for Christmas and I can't help but panic and think I'm going to be behind. I've only got afew days left, 5 to be precise.

Has anyone got tips and techniques to get work done? I keep procrastinating

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Make some coffee and just start working on something. Your worries will disappear a while as your focus will shift towards the work.

And if you get stuck, make more coffee.
This is me right now and for the rest of the Christmas break :p I think I need to up my doses of caffeine though since caffeine makes me anxious in both a bad way (panic/excessive worrying) but at least I actually go and do something.

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Keep calm is the best thing to do.
Plan out the next few days.
Don't overwork or be too harsh on yourself.
Set yourself goals for the day, or a check-list.
Reassure yourself that you are not behind (at least it's not the night before) - 5 days is plenty.

^ I always end up like this.
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