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How to avoid getting myself into situations like these?

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Right now, I've already skipped school today and yesterday, as well as several days last week. i have two tests that i was supposed to do today, both i am unprepared for, as well as an assignment for another class due friday, and a proposal for another class due yesterday. I also have this extracurricular thing that i signed up for (in a brief moment of confidence) that i have been avoiding even though I'm actually needed in it. I am so stressed and overwhelmed right now, and obviously, doing my usual thing of skipping school to avoid it.

I have done this so many times before. How can I avoid it (ha...) in the future? As, in, things to do..
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Well there is no easy way. Life is hard, life is tough. It will break you down, make you cry. All you have to do is suffer and fight. Just DO the thing you NEED to do. Just don't watch TV or sit at PC one day and make yourself Study what you need. Make yoursefl go where you need. Yeah it's hard, you may do stupid things, fail, but no one will really care, just you. That's all I can say...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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