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How to avoid getting myself into situations like these?

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Right now, I've already skipped school today and yesterday, as well as several days last week. i have two tests that i was supposed to do today, both i am unprepared for, as well as an assignment for another class due friday, and a proposal for another class due yesterday. I also have this extracurricular thing that i signed up for (in a brief moment of confidence) that i have been avoiding even though I'm actually needed in it. I am so stressed and overwhelmed right now, and obviously, doing my usual thing of skipping school to avoid it.

I have done this so many times before. How can I avoid it (ha...) in the future? As, in, things to do..
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Stay in school:)
I know it's ****ing tough with anxiety but don't drop out like I did(at 13!) and have to work manual labour and other menial jobs to get by.
I have done manual labor and the thing is the job may be tolerable but people you meet socially may not be. They look down on you. I will never forget how I was continually treated for a span of time. If I see anyone who does that to anyone, I write them off.
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