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Seven to ten years sounds about accurate. It depends on many things of habit really even such as what you eat and drink by the computer and well as what kind of slob you are as you eat and drink (there are many kinds), what kind of temper you have when you have computer problems, what types of objects are nearby that you can easily pick up, draw back, then throw and release. All these things are revelant and important. Basically those kinds of things shorten the life of the computer much more so. It is best to have a clean office free of knickknacks or to crazy glue them down and to avoid paperweights. Basically to crazyglue all office organization things down or to the wall or ceiling is a good idea, including the landline phone but to have it not on the same desk as the springy cord with the ear/mouthpiece can "travel" still. It should be on another desk (glued down) along with a plate glued to the desk and the silverware mugs can be attached to the table with cords and must be cleaned there where you will only eat and drink. The trashcans and lamps must be glued to the desk or the floor. You get the idea.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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