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how is my singing?

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posted these in the "what do you sound like?" thread. But decided to post them here for some general opinions. I want to know if i'm any good or not.

they are short. sorry for the quality, vocaroo records in very low quality.
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Pretty good, dude. I enjoyed it.
You are definitely good...better than good! I love both songs, but the first is my favorite :).
The quality of the audio isn't doing you much justice. Now; I am no expert, but to me it sounds pretty good.
You're really good! I'm impressed :)
I really hate that song but you do sound just like him.
This is good. I'd recommend that you play off-beat skanking to fit the reggae feel of I'm Yours though. Just my opinion :b

I can't really sing, but can play a few instruments. I'd like to write my own stuff but it feels very bare without vocals. Any tips?
I really hate that song but you do sound just like him.
to which song are you referring?
to which song are you referring?
The first one, I think the guy that sings it is called Jack some thing. It's not my sort of music but you did a pretty good job covering it.
Aww I love it!! You definitely have a gift =] It's a shame about the audio quality though.
Not very good.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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