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How Do You See Yourself?
by Joyce Meyer

Do you like yourself?

Most people don't like themselves. I've had many years of experience, trying to help people be whole emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially. I felt like it was a major breakthrough when I discovered that most people really don't like themselves. Some of them know it, while others don't even have a clue that this is probably the root of so many other problems in their lives.

God wants us to have great relationships, but self-rejection and even self-hatred are at the root of many of our relationship problems. In fact, I have found the Bible to be a book about relationships, providing valuable advice about my relationship with God, with other people, and with myself.

How are the relationships in your life? What about your relationship with God... and with other people? How about your relationship with yourself?

Did it ever occur to you that you have a relationship with yourself? While I've never given it much thought, I do spend more time with myself than with anyone else, and it is vital that I get along well with me. Remember, you are the one person you never get away from.

We all know how agonizing it is to work day after day with someone we don't get along with, but at least we don't have to take that person home with us at night. We never have one minute away from ourselves, not even one second, so it is of the utmost importance that we have peace with ourselves.

Many of us fall prey to self-rejection because we don't feel that anyone really loves and accepts us. We figure that if nobody else loves us, then why should we love ourselves. Because we think others don't love us, we feel that we must not be worth loving. But that is a LIE we have believed for way too long!

We should love ourselves-not in a selfish, self-centered way that produces a lifestyle of self-indulgence, but in a balanced, godly way that simply affirms God's creation as essentially good and right. We may be flawed by the years and the unfortunate experiences we have gone through, but that doesn't mean we are worthless and good for nothing.

We must have the kind of love for ourselves that says, "I know that God loves me, so I can love what God chooses to love. I don't love everything I do, but I accept myself because God accepts me." We must develop the kind of mature love that says, "I know I need to change, and I want to change. In fact, I believe God is changing me daily-but in the meanwhile, I will not reject what God accepts. I will accept myself as I am right now, knowing that I will not always remain this way."

Many times, people who reject themselves do so because they cannot see themselves as good, or proper, or right. They fail to see themselves the way God sees them-as precious children whom he loves dearly.

As you begin to see yourself through God's eyes-as someone who is loved and cherished-your view of yourself will begin to change. You will begin to see yourself, not as rejected, but as loved and accepted...unique and beautiful in His sight.

Copyright ©1998-2004 Joyce Meyer Ministries. All rights reserved.

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I love Joyce Myers! I watch her show and have many tapes and books by her. Her teachings have done so much to bring healing and transforming of my wrong thinking. I continually read what I have taken notes from her books each day. It has been effective in helping me overcome social anxieties in many ways.
I recommend her books and tapes to any of you on this site. One that is real good is: "How to succeed at being yourself." You can order it at her website.

Thanks trueseeker777 !
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