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How do YOU handle bullying sort of situation?

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That's some craziness. But no, I don't ever "just take it" either. I try to predict it when it's going to happen and quicken my step a little bit, so I don't give the other person the chance to make me angry.

For example, there's an old codger who tries to cut in the lunch line in front of everyone. This happens every time I go to the cafeteria. At least once a week I have to actually physically block him. He knows he's in the wrong, so he doesn't push the issue. But he'll walk right in front of all of the nurses and patients if I don't give him my usual, "Whoa there, old man." He's like a 68-year-old little boy. Some sociopaths never grow up.

For a lot of people, SA would make it hard to speak up about stuff like this...but for me, it's equally difficult to order a turkey sanwich at the lunch counter. So I may as well speak my mind.
Why did you delete it? I thought you handled it well.
Why did you delete it? I thought you handled it well.
My thoughts exactly.
I missed what you wrote, but I usually handle it by staying calm and challenging the person (with words, not violence.) If they continue bullying me, I'll walk away.

Also, if you feel threatened, don't be afraid to seek help if you can't handle it yourself. The strength of several people standing behind you might be enough to persuade the bully to leave you alone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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