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I think I have depression, I've been showing most of the symptoms.

I cant get out of bed in the morning
I don't care about anything
I cant do anything, I just want to sleep all day.
I cant concentrate on anything
I don't enjoy anything that I used to enjoy
im numb
I cant feel anything.
the future seems hopeless.

and yeah, I think I have depression. I want to get on antidepressants or something to help me but I just don't know how to tell my mum, she thinks im just being lazy.

Im really bad at telling people stuff, when I todl her about social anxiety I just showed her an article. also I find that I laugh at inappropriate times when I tell people bad news.

I have no idea how im supposed to tell my mum that I have depression.

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Maybe you could try convince her to take you to the doctors, and then explain what is going on with the doctor. The doctor should take what you're saying seriously, and can perhaps better explain it to your mother if you feel that she wouldn't understand if only you told her.

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Go to a doctor.

I skated around the issue simply by telling her I want to get a physical done, and asked for an insurance card so I can make an appointment...

now I just have to get over my anxiety so I can call the doctor and make an appointment.

I'm not sure what I have though, I just want to speak with a doctor so I can get a referral to somewhere that I can get a real diagnosis...

EDIT: I just saw you are 14...

maybe making your own appointment won't work... you could try faking sick? I don't know about in Australia, but here in the States, a child can make their parent leave the room no matter how old, so that they can speak with the doctor privately. Patient-doctor confidentiality.
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