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I have a deviantart account under the same name as Vincymon.

These are just what I manage to draw in MS Paint though. In reality, I can draw much more detailed than this. I have even done portraits. I did one of my either of my parents, my brother.. and my first art teacher. Although these were all gifts.

However, try as I might I just can't think of a way to get my art out there to make some money. You see ( oxymoron ahead ) I am a science student, and marketting techniques have always eluded me. Like my grandfather, who despite being the first photographer in town, still couldn't figure out a way to make a fortune. Yet some of his friends, who were farmers, by pure luck, dug up gold and became RICH.

It feels so frustrating though. Its like I have this talent, and despite being 18, I have yet to find a practical use for it.

P.S. i have entered art competitions though. I didn't win, but at least I tried.

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You need to work hard at getting your art out there. In my city (Glasgow) there are so many little exhibition spaces that pretty much anyone can exhibit in - you need to find similar venues in your area and go talk to them. If you have transport, consider going further afield. Pester the local press to try and get some coverage.

Independent shops may stock your work - particularly if you offer it on a sale-or-return basis. You need to know what you want to do - would you like to accpt comissions, or do you just want to draw what you like? If you're going to accept comissions, make sure you say so.

You should get yourself some quirky, memorable business cards printed. A friend of mine exploited a few of the retailers who were offering photo prints for free, and she now has a lot of flyers to advertise her jewellery!

Keep entering competitions - free publicity when you win! Any successes, make sure you tell the local press. They may not write about it, but if they do it's free publicity.

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have you thought about getting a job using your talent like a concept artist for film/games or signing up to an agency as a freelance illustrator.

just keep pumping out art everyday if you can. if you want to keep down the digital art route then get photoshop/painter, if you can't afford it and don't want to download a pirate copy then get a free program called gimp, or there are a few other free paint programs out there. also get a wacom tablet for the computer.

if your want to go down the traditonal route then keep experimenting with different mediums.

either way try and develop your style and even be flexible with the ability to do a couple of styles. just keep pumping it out and update your deviant art site all the time and eventually get your own site and sign up to agencies. if you want to try get some work locally make some business cards with your deviant art account and email details and go out and ask anyone and everyone. some t-shirt companies pay for designs, you could try have a stall at a local market (but thats hard work).

anyway, keep going and eventually you'll make money from it.

**EDIT** just realised i repeated some stuff madison said

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I have a great idea-Etsy!!!!

Have u ever visited's a site where there are different sellers sell their handmade stuff which could include anything from hadmade soap to handmade purses to art to jewrley, etc-check it out first before u make an account cuz there's lots of competeion, theres sellers from all over the world on etsy. It's like 10 or 20cents for each work of art that u upload and that includes 5 photos of that piece of artwork, a description, etc-and bewre once u pick a username u cannot cahnge it so make sure u love ur username because that will become the name of your etsy shop. But first look around at the shops that do sell artwork, see if u can find a niche for yourself, if ur work is as good as u say it is, then people wont hesitate at buying it. Good luck:)

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I think you need to work on honing your skills first.
To the OP:
I looked at link and the artwork and noticed that you use MS Paint.
Dude, you are shooting yourself in the foot using that program ! :no

I can see that you have talent, but you are using a program that is very basic.

You can do much better by using a program like SketchBook Express ( free ! ) and a small wacom tablet.

Even better than that would be to buy some acrylic paints. They are really cheap ( like $ 1 per bottle ) and i actually find it easier to sketch out ideas with them than with a pencil.
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