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Talking to girls i easy. Its just that in the past, women have NEVER seemed to be all. I have never found a girl that is bothered about me. I am a nice guy, and i'm not ugly. Ex Workmates and family/friends all say i should be capable of finding a girl, but HOW!?

And so its hard to go out, because even if women could potentially be interested in me, i never believe it.
Well for me it's not easy to talk to girl, especialy which I like. Blushing, sweating may start and I feel really nervous at such sitautions. And I am bad at talking with girls at all. I don't know just what to say sometimes. Other guys just talk nonsenses, do stupid jokes and so on. Girls seem to like that, but I am not the person to do such things. So it's hard for me...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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