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well it's that time again where I need to get off my phobic unemployed butt and back into the world.

my knowledge of making money sucks coming from a poor family.

these are ways I can think of to make money

- start your own business, you have to find a way to bring money in on your own

- look for apprenticeship/internship that train and get you into a company

- go to uni/trade school (I'm unclear how this gets you a job)

- reply to help wanted for a company and work/schmooze up company ladder

- friend/family gives position

any others or ideas? or story of how you got gainfully employed? I've had 2 jobs at retail stores - a grocery store, and hardware store, and a very brief stint at freelance web design. also 1 year of college. from here + SA problems, I am just clueless of what to do next

thanks for any replies
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