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How did you discover social anxiety support

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I discovered this website when I typed social anxiety through google and I discovered there were a lot of people like me who are struggling with social anxiety.
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Researching dyspraxia -> researching autism -> researching PDD-NOS -> came across selective mutism and anxiety disorders -> research social anxierty disorder -> typed "social anxiety forum" into google.
google in 2004
II googled Social Anxiety and this site popped up. Oh man, I'm so glad it did.
Found it doing search on SA. Been member since the EZ Board days.
I googled "dont like being around people". The first message board I found was some health board dealing more with medical issues rather than mental issues. I searched the same thing again and found a link to a thread here talking about introverted qualities. I liked what everone had to say, so I joined up.
Googled "Depression help" or something like that.
Most likely a google search but it's been about 10 years since I found the first version of this site so it's hard to say for certain.
Many searches for different definitions if SAD brought me here from google.
Two years ago, I reached a depression. I realized that I had reached 18, and still had the anxiety. I finally worked up the courage to type "social anxiety" into the google search bar - twas one of my smarter choices in life
googled "jobs for people with social phobia" or something like that.
A google search but I forget exactly what I was searching for. Read some threads mostly in the coping/frustration sections and could not believe my eyes. Every other post was like it was written by myself that's when I knew I had to sign up immediately.
Google search on SA a few years ago landed me on the 'weird things we do because of SA' thread. I couldn't beleive that so many other people did the same exact things and go through the same things and I do. I lurked for a couple of years before registering.
googled "jobs for people with social phobia" or something like that.
Same thing I did !
Before I knew about Sa I was convinced I had AvPD so I was researching that and I stumbled onto SAS. I'm so thankful I found it.
I Googled something like "jobs that don't require people contact." Wish I knew of this site years before, I think it would have helped me a lot.
Yup, googled specific symptoms and problems that I had over the years and came across this forum. I too wished I knew about this site earlier. Lurked for quite a few months (I think 6 months) before I started posting and would read what a lot of people had to say and I related to everything put down. That's what coerced me into actually joining. And now I'm here. It's a gift and a curse.
I was at work and googled Social Anxiety after having a stressful event. I signed up right then and there didn't even lurk before starting to post
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