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Can you still watch horror movies that you used to when you were a child or when you were without anxiety? Me, for most of them, I can't anymore.
I think it's to try to avoid raising my stress level unesscessarily and the fact that I'm living alone with not much people to invite in my appartment to watch them, it would be too scary for me to do that alone and even with someone else with me when that person is gone I always have scary images that come to my mind at bedtime and I can't sleep for days!
A movie I couldn't see again even if I did a million times when I was young is pet semetary, I love the guy on the poster, who turn ghost in the beginning, but that lady who's the sick sister of rachel, zelda, she is just the scariest! I just remember her vaguely and it's better that way! (please do not post a pic of her I absolutely don't need to remember!) I know there's a warning in the movie when we're about to see her, the frames are crooked, but even with that it's impossible for me to see it again, can't see the ramones video too. The only thing that help me it's to think that it's actually a guy who's playing her! The clown from 'it' scare me alot too!
Do you have a movie you just can't watch anymore because of your anxiety and you're afraid that it will be bad for your stress?
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