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I have read a lot of King and Koontz's novels."I am Legend" was excellent as well.But of ALL the horror novels that I have ever read, this one was CLEARLY the best....

This book will capture you from the first page! Don't judge the story by the awful movie they based upon the book.That would be like blaming 'Bonfire of the Vanities' for the awful movie that came from that book as well.

The atmosphere and suspense in this novel is awesome.Of a gray and monolithic New York City in winter, the realization that you are alone and the clock is running down, the awareness that every afternoon that it gets dark early:the hunters become the hunted.
Just an incredible story.Alas, it was written in 1978.So you will only find copies of this book at libraries and used book stores.It was a big hit when it came out, so your library or one in your network should have a copy of it.I guarantee that by page five of this book, horror fans will absolutely love this novel! And this is a very intelligent and realistic horror novel, not some silly monster tale.This ranks ABOVE anything that I have ever read by King and Koontz!
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