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Horror authors that I would like?

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Latley, all I seem to read are novels by Dean Koontz and Bentley Little. Bentley Little is still interesting, but I really need a break from Dean Koontz. I really like books with original mosters and villains. Vampires, ghosts, typical crazed killers, and zombies usually bore me to tears. Zombies are ok if they become something more, like in the Resident Evil games. Interesting characters are also important to me. A book with really interesting characters can make up for many of its other shortcomings. I would really like to try some new authors.

Some authors I've already read books from

H.P. Lovecraft
Bentley Little
Dean Koontz
Stephen King
Richard Layman
Clive Barker
Stephen Laws
Gary Bradner
Poppy Z. Brite :(
Sarah Langan
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I would highly recommend Graham Masterton's horror stuff. You might want to check out his site:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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