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Hi I'm REALLY sleepy right now but I thought I should write this really fast...

I've tried smoking those turkish or whatever waterpipe (I think it's called hookah or something) and man it reduced my social anxiety by 80-90%, yes it made me a bit tipsy and .. well I don't know.. It has an effect similar to xanax but it's much more stronger.. I'm way too sleepy to describe this and I always forget posting this here so I'm lucky that I remembered now..

oh my god I'm falling asleep as I'm typing this and I think I didn't make any sense at all but whatever.. I think I'll take a look at this tomorrow. Discuss meanwhile.
i think the reason you were feeling talkative is because u got quite tipsy(or high):boogie of it. Im a smoker and I smoke hokah now and then sometimes. hokah has a very very very low amount of nicotine in it compared to cigarettes. but it makes you feel tipsy because you drag alot of smoke into your lungs for a long period of time and in a way your making your blood to be left with less oxygen.

I think its alright to smoke it sometimes as its not that addictive as cigaretes
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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