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Hey Guys,
As someone who has suffered with social anxiety for 7 years, and been a teen for a little while now I know how easy and embarrassing it is for us to blush. A majority of people with social anxiety also suffer with pathological (chronic) blushing, and it can became psychologically and physically tormenting. I actually did start a thread on this a little while ago, and asked some other members if they knew any good ways to hide blushing, and although they all gave me some great advice that did help calm my nerves, nobody really gave me any instructions on how to hide blushing through makeup. I did some research, and thought why not share it with you guys too! I'm sure someone will benefit ;) First off I would like to start with some Cons. Some people with social anxiety don't have to go to school (there are alternatives of course), but those of us who do, depending on your schools regulations you may not be allowed to wear makeup. My school doesn't allow makeup to be worn, so unfortunately I don't have a way of concealing blushing with makeup products. Also due to gender stereotypes, some males may not feel comfortable wearing makeup, which of course is completely ridiculous, but down to the choices of the individual not what society thinks.
Step 1: This is where most people would apply primer, but I tend to be quite lazy and pass this step. Although I would recommend it because primer helps your makeup stay in place for longer, preventing blushing from showing through for longer. I am going to go buy some primer soon, open for any recommendations? Although I have heard that 'Boots No7 Colour Calming Primer' (I will have to order online and test, as I am not from the UK) and 'L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Colour Correcting Primer' , are really great primers.
Step 2: Apply a green concealer and blend using your fingers or preferably with a concealer brush. Do this in the spots that blush the most, this for me is my ENTIRE face. Just apply a thin layer unless you don't mind about it being slightly caked.
Step 3: Apply a medium to full coverage liquid foundation, for me this is the 'Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation', which I wouldn't recommend for hiding blushing simply because it's only light coverage.
Step 4: After You've applied your foundation, you need to set it with powder foundation. This does actually make a big difference.
Step 5: If you have pale skin like me, your probably looking like a ghost right now, so after this apply your mascara, lipgloss/lipstick, eyeshadow and bronzer as normal. Staying away from really bright blushers, and dramatic makeup for everyday wear as this makes you looked caked, unless you like that look :)
Please leave any product suggestion, breathing techniques to stop blushing, or general comments below. No hate, just trying to help some people out!! Remember that some people think blushing is cute, and blushing of course is inevitable, it just becomes a problem when its chronic.
Peace Out xx
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