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Hi people

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Sup. My life has gone to hell recently and my social awkwardness I think has something to do with it. I'm 27 from the UK. A few months ago I dropped out of university. I was doing a film making course which is something I dream of having a career in some day. The main problem with the course was that to make a film you need people to be in it. That requires some social skills which I don't have. I could never get people to be in my films so I missed deadlines and the course failed for me.

I thought doing this course would help me improve my social skills as a side effect, it didnt, or maybe I didn't try hard enough. Now I have moved back in with my mom, I am unemployed, I have no real friends. The only fun I have is online game with a few people I know online.

I am at a pretty low point right now. I still like to write and dream about making indie films but I am lacking motivation. To make something I would have to meet people, make friends who would help me out, it feels impossible now. I don't know if "shy" is the word for me, I have no problem speaking up if there is something to say but I don't have anything to say to strangers. When I am online playing games you have the games to talk about so there is something. I don't know how to meet new people in the real world.

I know when this started. I had a lot of friends as a child but there was a point when they "dumped" me to be friends with my brother instead, who I never got along with. Since that happened I don't feel interested in other people, when I talk to them I feel like I am faking it, constantly lying. I'm pretty messed up and needed to vent >_< sorry about the wall'o'text.
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welcome :)
Hey Awk77 welcome. :hyper
Its cool you know what your passions and dreams are and you tried!
Alot of people dont even have dreams let alone try to pursue them.
Hope you get some sense of support from this site, these people on here make me feel normal almost
Welcome, Awk77! :)
Its good you had dreams and you did your best to go for it. I whish i new how to play games online to make friends but anyway im 43 and from the uk and have struggled throughout my life to make friends so only have 3 friends but dont see them that much. Anyway stay strong and you make friends here.
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