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Hi new and glad to have found this site :o)

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My names Maria, I'm 26yrs old, married with a beautiful 2yr old daughter who is very confident unlike me lol
I have suffered with social anxiety problems for about 7 years, before this I was quite a strong and confident young lady, I can't quite believe the things I used to get up to with how pathetic I am now.
I struggle to get through each day and the twice I've seen my doctor he's fobbed me off with beta blockers and then did a blood test which came back normal so he said I was fine - that was it, but I'm not fine I feel angry that my mind is cooped up in this cage and I can't deal with certain situations like a proper grown up, No one else knows and so just assumes I am extremely dumb and ignorant. If I'm in a group of people my heart starts to race, if anyone dares speak to me thats it my anxiety comes on full whack, answering questions is the worst and I just want to run to avoid how much of an idiot I look.
This will sound funny but I've even collapsed on the floor a few times because it was too overwhelming, once when my hubbys friends stopped to say hello in their van - they have avoided me since. Another was at work when I had an interview- luckily they were understanding and I got the job but how embaressing.
I hope I can get some advice to overcome this weirdness and try to be like a normal adult, especially before my daughter starts to notice!!
Anyway hope I didn't bore you too much :eek:) xx
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Hi and welcome! Believe me when I say you are not alone and what you describe will sound very familiar to many on this board. It sounds like you may have panic disorder. Is there any way you can see a psychiatrist who will be more familiar with this condition and can prescribe medicines if necessary? Good luck and keep reading because you can learn alot! Take care.
Hi maria, welcome you! *hug*
What do you think changed you so rapidly into SA?
Hi Maria. I'm sorry your doctor isn't much help. I say go to another one who understands what you are going through - I know it can be easier said than done though to find the right doctor, especially as they cost so much shopping around isn't much of an option.

Welcome to SAS :)
Hi Maria, welcome to the forum. You will find lots of encouragement and people who understand and can help :)
Hello, welcome from another forum newbie :wels

welcome to the SAS forum.
:wels :)
Hey Maria welcome. :)
HALLO!! i'm probably the most local person so far to say hi!! :D where abouts in the midlands you live? i'm near northampton (ish). you are definately not alone with how you feel. not here :) we all suffer in very similar ways, and that is what makes us strong, as a team of self healers ^_^ i sound so preachy, so weird. anyway!! i hope you find the support you need, and become that woman you want to be again! :)
all the best and see ya round!!
Welcome, Mariamoma! :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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