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Hey. I'm not really used to things like this but.. I'll try.

I recently (almost 2yrs ago) got diagnosed with SA, and it took ages to get diagnosed, I've avoided school since I was in year 6 (which for you people who live out of the UK is when your around 10-11) because of a bad situation at school. I did try going into secondary school the first 2 years of it, 12-14 but I couldn't put up with it so I'm now home-schooled and due to sit my final GCSE's next month..

It took my GP a really long time to get a diagnosis as they just thought I was an ordinary teenager who just couldn't be bothered with school, I dislike going out and only 10% of the time if I do get asked by friends I say yes.

I got diagnosed with slight depression last year around November and I'm not sure that's improved.

I've been going to CBT meetings and such for over a year but I don't feel any better I just think I'm going around in circles, I could be fine but something knocks me back and I go back to square one.

So, It's nice to realize I'm not alone because I did think I was alone until my dad suggested having a look for a forum so this is how I got here..

There is more but I'm sure your all used to hearing it so I won't go on..

So.. hi *wave*
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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