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Hi I'm Gabrielle.
I'm 15 years old and I just got diagnosed with social anxiety a few days ago. I was researching it and found this website! I'm really shy and have no friends because of it. Heck, I'm even really freaked out just writing this. But I hope I can meet and make friends with a bunch of you guys! so.. hi! :]
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Hi there Gabrielle and welcome :)

You'll find a lot of support here and people with similar stories who'llgive you helpfull advice. There's no reason to get freaked out about sharing, here we''re all pretty much the same, so, you'll be in good company. I hope you enjoy your stay here ^^
Welcome to the site..hope you find it useful :)
welcome :)
Hey Gabrielle, welcome to :sas
Welcome, GabrielleNStuff! :)
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