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Hey All!

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I decided to join this forum and just recently did some research on myself what I've been going through as a teenager and now. I think I have social anxiety. I've been reading around the forums, reading people's experiences and there's so much I can relate.
I grew up as a very lonely person, always afraid to speak my mind and enjoy being alone.
I'm so happy I joined because I can learn a lot about myself here.

I'm 21 (I feel I'm old haha), I look younger though but age has been bothering me lately. I'm afraid of getting old.
I love video games, music, photoshop and Japan. I love computers and tons more.
I'm a gay guy, very laid back and drama-free. The names Justin so yeah, see everyone around!
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Hey Justin welcome to the forums!
Haha you're not old! I'm fairly new to the forums too, but everyone is welcoming and understanding which is great, helps to discuss with other people problems that you may face. Japan is awesome, wish I could go there myself one day. Have you been there?

Anyway welcome again!
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