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I've been working on my problems with underearning and always "living in lack" which I've seen others on the boards also struggle with. I'm just finishing this fantastic book on this issue, the best one I've read, but it takes a bit of work, w/exercises: "Build Your Money
Muscles," by Sotkin. published 2006. Here is an excerpt I think will be helpful especially to highly sensitive/SA people:

"Connect to People"

"Because money is attached to people, connecting to others becomes an essential activity for improving financial situations. Consequently, beyond treating oneself lovingly, developing self-trust, and setting personal boundaries, the fostering of financial security in an unsafe world calls for establishing a network of trustworthy individuals who instill a sense of safety and security. After assembling such a network, people usually feel supported and begin to trust that life will provide the resources required to fulfill their needs. From this vantage point, it would make sense for individuals sitting at home and wondering how to generate more money to begin creating a network of supportive colleagues and for people who already have a wide circle of acquaintances or business associates to deepen those relationships.

"While focusing on networking, remember that money does not necessarily come from the people with whom you make contact. Rather, it is through sharing yourself with them that you broaden your sphere of influence and increase the potential of helpful financial interactions. At the same time, as a result of making meaningful connections you will probably feel more loved and supported, both of which routinely stimulate increased cash flow.

"Many opportunities exist for enhancing interactions with others, including participation in organizations affiliated with religious institutions, business networking groups, sports teams, discussion groups, Twelve-Step programs, or cultural events. Although less intimate than face-to-face contact, the Internet too provides forums for connecting with other individuals, especially in chat rooms.

"For many people, this exercise represents a major shift in personal focus and therefore demands strong dedication. If you are unaccustomed to concentrating on loving yourself and reaching out to others, expect waves of disorientation. But also recognize that as they wash out to sea and you persevere in your mission, your efforts, like those of an oyster making a pearl from the irritation of a grain of sand, are sure to burnish a new identity--in this case, one poised for increased financial rewards."

Today is my birthday. I'm taking my cue from my HSP coach and giving this gift to you! And also to reward yourself for your efforts, you can buy yourself a beautiful pearl jewelry! : )
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