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Im brand new to the forum and really please that ive found a place that i can relax in !

I was wondering if anyone could help me with automatic negative thoughts problems im having. Ive been using the thought stopping method and then using a coping statement but think im doing it wrong. Here is my stragegy

Stop -

These thoughts are not rational/useful

Then i use my coping statement which is ....Maybe its not that important to be perfect or maybe i can focus on people when i talk to them or maybe im making progress day by day

The main problem im having is that i panic sometimes when im taking a phonecall and try to use the coping statement throughout the conversation.
this leaves me going inward and having a negative conversation with myself.

Id be interested in finding out if im doing it right or maybe any other methods i can use.


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I haven't tried many different things to cope with anxiety but one thing that did help for me was slowly breathing in while counting to 5 then slowly breathing out again counting to 5, it helped to calm me down when very anxious.
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